How to stop cigarette cravings?

Cravings and urges can be overwhelming when you first quit. They’re a natural part of the cigarette quitting cycle. To resist them, try to locate where the craving is:

  • In the mouth? Avoid putting something fattening in your mouth. Drink liquids through a straw. Put ice in your drinks–it gives the tongue a bite. Take short breaths. Chew gum. Eat slowly.
  • In the chest? Do a great deal of deep breathing. Get as much air into the lungs as possible and exhale. Warmth may help, too–have some bouillon or hot teA:
  • In your stomach? You may be hungry, so eat something. If you feel tension, sit comfortably and relaxed in a chair, feet flat on the floor, arms hanging loosely at your sides, and take deep breaths.
  • In your head? This type of craving is an obsession. You’re used to thinking “cigarettes,” and it takes the mind a while to recover. Change your environment and walk out of the room. Or change your position and do something else.
  • All over? Try to focus on where the discomfort is. This may also be nervous tension. Do something physical.

Remember that any craving will last only a few minutes. You don’t have to act on every urge. The more you say no to urges, the more powerful you become. Over time, they will recur less often and with less intensity. Please refer our

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